All of our concepts have evolved and our watch cases have sizes, shapes and materials different from those of the 60s.



If the standard front housings were 35 mm, nowadays the average model for men is between 38 and 40 mm.

Although our timepieces are edited according to the original models, everything has been redesigned. However, in recent years, the size of the watches has grown steadily shaking the codes of elegance.

This aesthetic choice is obviously conditioned by the nature of the timepiece that is placed on his wrist because it will not be worn in the same way depending on whether the case is extra flat or whether it is bulky or that it this is an important element of the design or not.

Some will opt for discreet models of 20 to 35 mm in diameter for women, others will turn to more ostentatious models from 38 to even 50 mm for men in oversized. But to slip such calibres on his wrist, it is still necessary to measure it!

To determine if a watch is the ideal size, consider the turn of the wrist.

What shows for my wrist?

– for a man, a diameter of 37 to 39 mm is small, 40 to 44 mm is average, 45 mm and above it is oversized
– for a woman, a diameter of 20 to 25 mm is small, 23 to 41 mm is average, 42 mm and above is oversized
– for a wrist circumference less than 15.5 cm choose a watch with a diameter under 40 mm
– for a wrist larger than 18 cm choose a watch with a diameter between 42 and 45 mm

Another way to choose a watch adapted to your wrist with a calculation that is easy to apply:
– your wrist circumference / 4,5 = ideal case size
– your wrist circumference / 4 = maximum case size
– your wrist circumference / 5 = minimum case size

Note that current models are larger than vintage watches. An elegant watch for someone may be too big for another person, it depends on the taste of each and his own style.

Another important clarification: use and design. It should be known that the size of the watches especially values ​​the movement, the mechanism, since it is the case that welcomes all the elements and particularities gathered to deliver a reliable instrument.