Nostalgic of its origins

The story between industrial epic and family saga, was written in Doubs, in Besançon.
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The return to Besançon

This is a symbolic event in the history of the brand.
returns to its origins. The excellence of French watchmaking now lives in Besançon.

It has always maintained an emotional attachment to its home lands. went back in time, returning to its origins in Besançon, where the brand was born. It was in 1867 that Emmanuel MANN founded his watchmaking workshop, the MANN counter located at 14, Grande rue, in Besançon. The power of work of its founder, his innovative vision of aesthetics and his voluntary character are wonderful. Success was quickly at the rendezvous. Frédéric MANN made the leading French watch manufacturer.

Bisontine manufacturing

These watches are again assembled in Besançon. is also proud to be the only French brand to have a very high precision quartz movement, made in France. Indeed, some quartz models are now equipped with French ISA quartz movements.

The ISA FRANCE movements are manufactured in Villers-le-Lac, between Besançon and the Swiss border, in the Doubs. The automatic models will always be equipped with movements Miyota, movement Japanese recognized for their reliability.

Retains its authenticity

The brand retains its identity and still revolves around the emblematic models of the brand: T18, Himalaya, GDG, Mach 2000 with slight changes in terms of design, shape, material, polishing, colors. As every year, develops new models. Some models are revisited and refined in line with current trends while maintaining the authenticity of the legendary models.
Some colors evolve as you have discovered on the TV range. The TV models are even more ergonomic through the new colors proposed. The mention BESANCON FRANCE on the dial refers to the assembly in Besançon.
New models will soon see the day, we maintain the mystery … You have a clue on the homepage of the site .FR (scroll banners to discover one of the novelties). You will now be able to discover watches at your jeweler’s watchmaker. The list of outlets will soon be available on .FR.