The De Baschmakoff watch is certainly one of the most vintage watches in the collection.

Prince François de Baschmakoff is the first designer to work for watch factory . He sets the tone for the great creations of the brand and places all the creators who will follow in his wake. In contrast to watchmaking uses, he frees himself from classical forms of watchmaking to develop a contemporary and innovative watch.

He chooses to remove the needles from the watch, as well as the gymnastics of the mind to read the time. He thinks his watch with records with a digital reading; a real innovation for the time.

Always very current, whether in 1971 or 2015, it retains its authenticity.

The baschmakoff 2015 is even more readable

The new De Baschmakoff stands out for its even more optimal readability than on previous versions. The curved block located under the bracelet perfectly fits the shape of the wrist, the large bracelet contributes to the maintenance and comfort of the watch. The bracelet change system is amazing, with a simple press on the logo, the case slides on the bracelet.

An unexpected collaboration

François de Baschmakoff offered his services to Fred at the beginning of 1968. This is the first time that has collaborated with a designer outside his design office. The approach of Fred is again performed alone.

Then, the 70s see flowering all over the world of designer watches. In France, Claude Neuschwander, advertising and communication man, new director general of the CEH, in 1974 appealed to seven designers some of whom are well known for renewing part of the collection of 1975.


An artist before being a designer

Design for Givenchy – 1958

Prince François de Baschmakoff graduated from the School of Art and School of Fine Arts. He is a great colourist known for his drawings in some fashion magazines. He worked among others, for Spring. In October 1968, he created for a French mechanical watch with digital reading (in 1970 he filed a patent on this watch). He also designs a clear plastic ball in which this watch is sold. Thanks to this achievement, he won the prize for best packaging design in 1970.

The packaging is important to us.
We have also kept this form of packaging. Your De Baschmakoff watch will be delivered to you in a sublime round black packaging design very design.

The very original De Baschmakoff watches marketed from 1971 to 1974 all have one thing in common: a more or less narrow glass that reveals three discs that indicate one after another the hours, minutes, seconds. A red mark located horizontally facilitates reading. Five models have a tiny glass to the left of the box and, on the right, the logo is engraved on a small removable plate that a customer can have engraved with his initials.

The of the 1970s: a new look at the watch

The De Baschmakoff watch is an innovative model and clearly marks the strategy of in the 70s. As indicated by the management : “Our goal is to make watches capable of marking a day like no other, watches that make ‘gift of time’ and that we keep or always offer as a symbol. For the renewal of our collection, it was not a question of finding ‘a stylist’ but of creating contemporary objects to the measure of our time. For this purpose, I chose creators with enough imagination to design ‘other watches’, and enough technique to make them realizable. So I chose designers, each of whom was considered to be the best and none of them looked at the problem of the watch. They had a fresh eye … “