The T18 watch, originally called the Type 18 is surely the best known model of the brand .

montre Lip T18

A look back at its history, the origin of its name, its watchmaking advances and its compact dimensions that have made it a benchmark watch known and appreciated by Winston Churchill and hundreds of collectors around the world. Reissued for twenty years, you can directly buy a T18 in our shop.


The T18 movement preceded by the T20

This classic Type 18 rectangular watch takes its name from its exceptional mechanical movement: “T” for its barrel shape and “18” for its 18 mm width. A true technical feat at the time, this mechanical movement was developed in 1933 by André Donat, then engineer of the watchmaking firm mann Frères. The T18 watch followed and supplanted the Type 20 movement (for 20 mm) launched in 1931 which already had an off-center second hand (also called a small second) placed at 6 o’clock. Despite these 2 mm less width, this T18 movement was flatter and deemed more reliable.

Reliability and advanced watchmaking technology

Produced as early as 1935 under the leadership of Fred , its production has been in turmoil with the arrival of the Second World War. Between 1939 and 1945, the company moved to the center of France, then to the South to finish in recent years in Valencia. will return to Besançon, his hometown, only at the end of the conflict to rebuild his factory and resume a larger production.

Its technical advances and its extreme reliability have made this Type 18 mechanical movement a reference, which explains why it served as a model for watch school students in the 1940s and 1950s .


The T18 in the land of the Soviets

While faced financial difficulties like many other companies following the financial crisis of 1929, Frederic mann, then technical director gave a new economic wind to the company thanks to an unprecedented Franco-Russian watch partnership in 1936.

This commercial contract was based on important export agreements and the establishment of a watch manufacturer in Russia under the control of engineers from the House. Russia was not known for the precision or sophistication of its national watchmaking. This partnership will lead to models such as the Russian T18, Swesda / Zvezda (star) brand Chaika (among others) or later the “Probeda / Victory” (a 26 caliber) that will equip the watch Sturmanskie Yuri Gagarin in 1961 during the first human flight in space.


T18, also known as Sir Winston Churchill

Its finesse and its many technical improvements were quickly adopted by other watchmaking factories that did not internationally know the same commercial success as the T18 wristwatch.

The aura of this wristwatch is also linked to its destiny since the two-tone Gold model was offered by the French State to Sir Winston Churchill in 1948 for its many services rendered during the war.


A T18 in every watch collector

T18 caliber. Originally produced until 1950, there have been many variations of the T18 with box shapes usually rectangular or barrel. Some models have inherited name in reference to their particular shape as the T18 Kepi, the T18 Coach …

T18 watches are very popular with watch collectors; its Type 18 mechanical movement is one of the parts that must be in a watch collection because of its history, exceptional character and high precision that have built its reputation.

Purchase a reissue for men or women

You can buy reissues of the original Type 18 , if not the movement which is today a Ronda Slimtech 1064. If the four models in the catalog, by the current standards, are today rather intended for ladies, they Nevertheless, they are mixed watches in view of their size.

Found on the T18 Churchill Chrome and T18 Churchill Gold an Art Deco look true to the 30s giving them a classic vintage charm. The T18 Classic Chrome and T18 Classic Gold are more discreet while combining chic with sobriety.