The model ” PANORAMIC ” is a beautiful innovation

For the first time, the shared values ​​of a Destination and a Private Company met to give birth to a commercial object marrying two Gers brands. Fruit of passionate reflections and inspired creativity, we invite you to discover the result of this co-branding.

This production began in the mid-50s. What characterizes this model is of course the shape of its glass that marries the case by replacing the bezel. It offers a panoramic view of the dial, an optimal readability of the time, represented by a few indexes to not clutter the purity of reading. It is therefore natural that today PANORAMIC was chosen by and adapted by the Departmental Committee of Tourism to reflect the spirit of its environment, the Gers, heart of the South West: welcome, sharing, happiness , the country where we take the time.

This is how it will permanently integrate our catalog, alongside the General de Gaulle watch, the Himalayas and many other essential models. “Made in France” assembled in our Lectoure workshops. Curves. Crosses. Meeting points. Stars illuminating the paths. A universe ! A philosophy with offbeat humor, the time to appreciate life. In short, it’s all the Gers, heart of South-West in the SO PANORAMIC of !


In the south-west of France, land of d’Artagnan, the Gers is the heart of historic Gascony. It is all in bright curves, colorful valleys in four seasons. The GERS is synonymous with the art of living in the countryside. Its villages and its inhabitants have a kind and friendly character. Companies on a human scale settle there. Sharp and innovative, they carry a traditional know-how.

This is the case of , which, 25 years ago, brought its watchmaking expertise to the famous Besançon region, to be reborn in Lectoure. The meeting of and the Departmental Committee of Tourism of Gers is natural. Living in this territory, we are passionate about her values. The quality of the things well done, the humor and the sense of happiness shared, animate our common creations. The same will and true complicity brought us together to create an object of time measurement. Its dial reproduces the curves of the Gers landscapes, the world of beautiful countryside; that of the diverted paths conducive to meetings and the time of good living; the day and the night