The Mach 2000 surely represents the emblematic watch for all the connoisseurs and lovers of design.

Called as six other designers to give color after the social events of 1973, Roger Tallon imagined in 1975 a watch and a collection centered around ergonomics. A true icon for connoisseurs and design enthusiasts alike, the Mach 2000 watch surprises first with its shape and overall style. Back on this watch fetish architects and designers who for 40 years still seduces as much as it surprises.

Rubber and aluminum in his watches

The creation of the Mach 2000 collection is part of a very particular context: a financial crisis situation after a titanic standoff between the employees of the factory and the French authorities. Just saved from filing for bankruptcy, the brand still bums its wounds when this collection is designed by Roger Tallon, great designer, chosen by Claude Neuschwander and six other talented artists of the time to get out the mark of his situation.

At the end of such a crisis, as talented as they are, the designers had to comply with the constraints encountered in terms of materials and technical resources. Thus, some forms were not feasible and materials unavailable. Roger Tallon approached his relational network to circumvent these problems. He thus replaced the leather of the bracelets with rubber (the same as that of the hyperbaric joints of the Concorde). He could not use steel for the housings? It will use aluminum, an unexpected material and very fashionable at the time. All this helped to make the Mach 2000 a watch in the air of time, a contemporary object in the form of a tribute to modernity.


The function before the form

If at first sight the Mach 2000 seems surprising or even strange, it is mainly due to its off-center half-moon shape, colors and shapes. You have to know the ideas and the way of thinking of Roger Tallon to understand his very marked choices.

3 primary colors for the 3 buttons on the Dark Master

In the same way the three colored crowns of the Mach 2000 Dark Master chronograph are spherical so as not to hurt your hand while looking at the time. On the other hand, considering this watch carefully we can not conceal the color code that characterizes it. Roger Tallon is a master of ergonomics, he thinks above all of the function and ease of use in his creations and the Mach 2000 is no exception.

Thus this watch is very easy to read and allows the user to quickly identify the different functions. This is the reason for the primary colors on the three crowns of the watch and the highly contrasted dial visible from near and far.

Finally, note that while the use of aluminum, rubber and plastics has been imposed by the financial context, this choice also lends itself to ergonomics. These are indeed lighter materials than steel or even leather which allows the watch, a format important enough for the time, not to weigh excessively (note that the reissued versions of Mach 2000 are today steel for better resistance to blows and wear while maintaining a normal weight).


A watch of passionate / amateur design

As you will have now understood, the Mach 2000 is a very refined watch in terms of design. This is probably the reason why many architects and designers appreciate the silhouette. It must also be said that its creator Roger Tallon participates a lot in the success of this time keeper. Indeed he is considered by many as the father of industrial design and the inventor of a profession: designer. We owe him a lot of everyday objects but also large works such as the TGV or Mexico City metro.

Wearing this watch is a way to pay tribute to Roger Tallon and, by the same token, to the history of design. It also marks a transition from the classic watchmaking era, where the watch was a jewel, to the modern era, when it became a fashion accessory that swept away from the past to enter the modern era of optimized time.

Finally it should be noted that the Mach 2000 exists in many variations that you can discover on our site in the collection Mach 2000 .