In this article, we want to tell you some of the typical considerations to take into account when financing your next vacation through a loan with third parties.

While there are many options in the market, the important thing is to compare and choose the one that best suits the particular needs of each one.

Some important considerations:

  • Ask for a loan according to the ability to pay.

You should never commit to take out a loan that exceeds your repayment capacity. Otherwise, holidays could end up being hell if they implied buying debt at an unsustainable level.

  • Compare the different types of personal loans offered by the market.

Banks and financial entities constantly offer all kinds of personal loans with their associated interest rate. The problem is that a large part of the Argentine population is not banked and this is not a viable option.

  • Obtain a personal loan in case of not having access to the financial circuit

If you can not access traditional credit options, personal loans represent an affordable option. Even being listed in the Veraz, there is the possibility of accessing a Personal loan through a site such as . By using a bank account in your name where the salary is credited or leaving your own car as a guarantee, allows you to access a personal loan in a simple, fast and simple way.

In the case of personal consumer loans, the conditions to apply are the following:

To be over 18 years old.
Provide your personal data and the DNI number.
Provide a phone number and your email address.
Be at least 6 months old at your job.
Have a bank account in your name.

In the event that you can use your car as a guarantee, the conditions require that the car be in good condition to be reviewed by a representative. If your order is approved, you can get up to $ 80,000. The terms and the re-payment schedule will be agreed directly with an  account officer.